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If we are unavailable please leave a voice mail and we will receive your message vial email and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you require immediate assistance you can reach our sister company Ultimate Touch Spa Salon (508) 943-5751 Wed-Sat

369 Main Street Sturbridge MA United States 01566

we are located in the Reeder Lodges at OSV

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Bare Neccesities

There are a Brazilian reasons to wax…


Please inform us if you are using Retin-A or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids before facial waxing. For waxing, please be sure the hair is 1/8 inch or longer

in order for the wax to adhere properly. We recommend that you not use

creams or lotions on the body or face on the day of waxing.


Eyebrow Wax                             $14  

Eyebrow Re-shaping                 $16

Lip                                               $11

Lip & Brow Combo                    $24

Chin                                             $8

Cheek or neck                            $12 & up

Full Face Wax                             $40

Back   or  Chest                          $50 &up

Arms (lower or upper)                $30 & up

Arms (complete)                         $50 & up

Underarms                                  $20

Bikini Wax                                   $45 &up

Brazilian Bikini Wax                    $65 &up

Legs (lower or upper)                 $35 & up

Full leg and Bikini Wax               $75 &up

Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini           $95 &up

Additional patches of wax         $10 &up

(hands/feet etc.)